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Resources to help you cultivate your bravery and courage, in a self study style of learning

Group Coaching & Training

Telana offers group training and coaching sessions via Zoom, and a private Facebook Group.

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Private personal coaching sessions, via Zoom or in person in Johannesburg, tailored to your own individual needs.

Be intentional about 2024 – set a goal or theme that you will work towards all year, and this time next year, we’ll celebrate how much more you have gained.

The live challenge is over, but you can still find the replays in the SELF STUDY SECTION of this site.

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Bravery School is a fun and accessible way for ambitious people who tend to give into fear, feel they compromise themselves or water themselves down, and want to rather cultivate their courage and skills to change their behaviour to enjoy life more, to speak boldly, to feel fully self expressed.

Based on sound positive psychology and neuro-semantics, Bravery School will support you in 4 pillars of personal development that are essential for courageous living. These are:

  1. developing a strong foundation for inner strength;
  2. removing blocks that hold us back that are specifically related to living in fear,
  3. developing the skills, mindset and inner resources to live and speak with courage; and
  4. uncover the purpose and vision behind living big and whole heartedly.

You will stop:

  • Procrastinating
  • Shrinking yourself, hiding or avoiding opportunities
  • The imposter syndrome and fearing failure
  • Walking away from promotions, giving presentations, opportunities to speak up
  • Selling yourself out, and playing it safe rather than bold

You will gain:

  • The skills to turn difficult conversations into courageous ones, and manage giving presentations with ease and confidence.
  • How to learn from failure and regrets
  • Unstoppable self-confidence and strong self-esteem
  • Better relationships
  • Positive self-consciousness – the type that allows you to show up and shine in your own comfortable way
  • A life of value that you love! And more!

All lessons are taught in bite-sized chunks, easily digestible and with a very practical application in your actual life.  I have a coaching style, so you are held accountable to do the work you need to do to live courageously and feel supported and encouraged to grow and develop.

Bravery school is a fun and safe space for us! It’s where we can share our challenges, overcome our fears, practice new strategies, and get support and celebrate with others who are on the same journey as you.

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TRIAL & SNEAK PEAK into Bravery School

Get access to one of Bravery’s Schools Masterclasses – just sign up for the SELF STUDY level of Bravery School!!!

On Monday 13 February I took you through the Masterclass called “Courageous Time Management”, as a sneak peak into Bravery School.

Watch the replay and you’ll learn:

🕛 How to plan and organise our time between activities
🕒 Time saving tips
🕢 How and why to chunk and time box
🕗 Why courage is such an important part of time management

… and way more!!!

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7 Top Tips for Courageous Conversations

Download your Guide to have more courageous conversations

Accountability Coaching

Get monthly checkin’s with me to keep you accountable towards your goals

What they say about Bravery School

“Bravery School has impacted my life in a very positive way and I can highly recommend these sessions with Telana. I was a bit nervous going into the sessions but quickly found out that these are all normal everyday people that have been feeling the same way that I have. It has been great to have a platform and safe space to be able to share and learn and realizing there’s no such thing as a stupid question. I love the interaction with everyone, this has really changed my life.”

Sevarian, Store Manager

January 2022

“Hi Telana. A huge shout out to you. I’ve been involved in a hectic campaign to get things produced & been involved, emotionally, physically & mentally involved with drawbacks at every corner, & honestly without your course I would have lost my shit a long time ago… this is the truth. Your course has helped me so much just with understanding, & also this Imposter Syndrome thing… having a look at it & understanding it better has made me a lot more aware of things, a lot more engaged with myself on a positive level, & a lot better. & I don’t know if it’s going to work out for me in terms of the business, but I tell you what, it certainly has been delivered & wouldn’t have been without your assistance. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a biscuit!”
(Listen to full voicenote here)

Stuart, Business Owner

December, 2021

“I would just like to thank you as always for reminding me of my self worth and that I am in control of how I feel and think about things. Thank you for giving me the chance to be courageous.
I really do appreciate it. May your Bravery School be blessed as I have been through it.”


November, 2021
Meet your Courage Coach & Trainer:


Courage Coach & Trainer

Telana offers courage coaching and helps talented people have no regrets in life by having the conversations that count. She is helping to change our world one courageous conversation at a time, and specializes in communication skills, the fear of failure and imposter syndrome, self esteem, EQ, overcoming self consciousness, handling conflict and fear of confrontation, and building relationships through conversations.

“Courage is like a muscle that needs exercise, and the more we do brief little exercises, the more that muscle strengthens, and we start to become more courageous.

This increase in courage strength makes it just a little easier the next time we need to be brave.

One of my favourite movie quotes is from the film “We Bought a Zoo”, where Benjamin, played by Matt Damon, says:

“You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.”

So in this school, we’re going to be developing our courage muscle, sometimes with just 20 second exercises, sometimes with longer programmes, and we’re going to let amazing things happen in our lives!  Join me. I look forward to being brave with you.”

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